A Review of the Book “The Women Who Built Muscle” by Vivi Winkler

April 18, 2021 0 Comments

Vivi Winkler is an American bodybuilding and fitness model. She has appeared in a few movies as well as featured in some television shows. Some of the images that you may have seen her in have been used as covers for fashion magazines and catalogs. To get some insight into this exciting woman, here is an introduction to the person who might be considered a bodybuilder.

Vivi Winkler was born in Brazil. At the age of eight her parents brought her to America, where they promptly sent her to boarding school. This was to discourage her from participating in bodybuilding. When she was a teenager, her mother would often purchase heavy weights and encourage their daughter to lift them. By nineteen she had become a dedicated weightlifter and bodybuilder.

When Winkler turned twenty, she decided to pursue an education. She enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America and earned a degree in nutrition. This was to give her more confidence as she faced the difficult task of getting a job in the food service industry. After several years in this field she decided to become involved with bodybuilding.

The dedication to bodybuilding did not stop when she graduated. In fact it increased. Winkler entered various competitions in the hopes of winning awards such as the Ms. Olympia. Although she never won an official Ms. Olympia, she did win an individual event and placed second in the professional category.

After several years in the field of bodybuilding, Vivi Winkler decided to become involved with another sport. This time she concentrated on surfing. As one would expect, her skills were very impressive and she even won several surf contests.

After a few years in the world of surfing, Winkler decided it was time to get involved with television. She became a commentator for a sports show called Today’s Stars. During the course of her career she became one of the best in her field. Even though she is primarily a female figure skater, she has also done commentary for men’s events. When she moved on to doing feature interviews on the Big Four broadcasts of Today’s Stars, she quickly became famous.

Although she is now happily married, Winkler is still very involved with her fans. She not only enjoys competing in sports, but she enjoys spending time with them. One of her favorite past times is going to her local skating rink and meeting the people there. She even has a daughter with one of her fans. She is very protective of her daughter.

The transformation of Vivi Winkler into a world-class bodybuilder was unprecedented. However, she remained disciplined throughout her physical transformation. By following a strict nutritional plan, she was able to achieve the results that she desired. With her determination, she has become the best known female bodybuilder in the world.

In her book The Women Who Built Muscle, Vivi Winkler reveals the personal battles that she went through in order to gain control of her life. She reveals the foods and supplements that made her stomach grow large, as well as the training that she endured in order to build the muscles that she had. Through it all, she reveals the mindset that it took for her to become the woman that she is today. The Women Who Built Muscle is a great read for anyone who is serious about being a bodybuilder. If you are committed to learning everything there is to know about weight lifting, nutrition, and the female bodybuilding scene, this is a must read for you!

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