Alternative Silk Production & Marketing in Various Countries

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No kill Silk production is an alternative manufacturing idea that gives the silk worm a chance to emerge from its Cocoon. It is then, that the silk process evolves into the world of vast fabric and its end result we see today. So amazing, that everything from shirts to Duvets is manufactured from it.

This process differentiates from standard production by the simple fact that there is a chance for the worm to emerge from its cocoon, rather than be boiled and terminated as well as having a waiting period of 7-10 days for it to happen rather than inducing it by heat. After, it is released into the environment.

The cecropia cocoon has two cocoons: inside and outside. Loosely fibers are suspended inside the exterior cocoon. Kind of cushioning it. A gluey protein called sericin is expended to fabricate the form of it. Most think this protein is what gives the cocoon its tan to brown tint.

Sub layers of the cocoon are given different but unique emblematic distinguishment to its fibers. The inside is spun tightly and the emergence holes will agitate the cocoon, making the fibers shorter in length. The super stratum is more loosely spun and is a more fulgent look. The insect exuviations are more easily removed as well.

Exterior cocoons are boiled in water with a natural h2o solution. The reason for boiling them is for removal of protein, so that the cocoon is soft and is able to lose its shape. It is much easier to take apart at that point and rinsed to finish it. The cocoon will be stretched over a peg-board to create a yarn that is spun effectively, so that it is ready for marketing. Once this occurs it will be comparable to other high quality silks made for clothing etc… the color of natural silk is a tan or taupe comprare levitra online sicuro and has a pinkish undertone. This will have a variation to it from cocoon to cocoon.
After the algorithm is completed, marketing takes over. Many stores specializing in alternative silk fabric production sales of clothes such as boutiques will carry this fine fabric. Designers also are extremely interested in AS, in order to get an edge in clothes sales. For example, JOEYJ has a line of alternative silk grade marmie men’s shirts. Marmie is a conversion of silk weight to measure quality.

JOEYJ uses one of the highest weight grade silk on the open market yet is virtually an unknown. has sole distributor rights in the USA. JOEYJ based out of Palermo Sicily is known as the capodetut of men’s quality silk shirts. Only ones pockets can decide, whether one of his shirts can be afforded. Most shirts, ranging in price from $199.00 to $450.00 USD.

Additionally, to understand the variations in silk usage, one must have past experience in touching it with their hands to understand it completely. Its usage ranges from car seat covers to Duvets, and fine clothing. Silk is a marketing experience in itself in many countries. In Italy, The province of Sicily, silk makes up almost 38% of its exports. Alternative Silk Manufacturing is becoming a major part of the product in many areas, due to its niche in the market. India, however holds the larger portion of AM in the world so far. This is due to its sheer size of the country. China is still using standard measures in manufacturing silk.

Italy has a silk plant like nowhere else in the world. Each process is compared in steps to a conventional method as well as explaining each step in the manufacturing process. The first step is waiting for the emergence of the insect. This is followed by the cocoon being warmed underneath by heated clay. This step is very unconventional and is not being used anywhere in the world. Once out, the thread is doubled and intertwined, with a process translated into English named stretch and squeeze. Reeling is done in intervals. The time of day is crucial as well according to one of the plant managers. This is done to be soft and reflective. Sunset is the best time. Finishing touches are a constant variable to this process. A keel method is used to blow warm air into the yarn. As a Capo(boss) once said in Palermo “le puo’ comprare la seta o lei puo’ comprare la seta italiano” Which translates into You can buy silk or you can buy Italian Silk. Italian Silk is usually triple the price of other known silk manufacturing countries.

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