Basic Components of Logo Design

January 17, 2021 0 Comments

Logo design is one of the most essential elements for creating a brand. A logo is simply a graphical symbol, or design used to help promote and identify public awareness and identity. It can be of a stylized or abstract design or incorporate the precise text that it signifies such as in a trademark. It is the unique mark of a business or organisation and helps in making customers and potential clients aware of its existence.

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There are various factors that contribute to the success of a logo design. The visual identity should be strong enough to represent the business in an appropriate manner. The design and appearance should be user-friendly. The combination of colours, style and font plays an important role. Other use-cases include use in electronic media, print media and interactive media

To get a clear idea about how effective logo design can be, you need to understand some of its key components. Among these components, typography is perhaps the most important. When designing logos, use a typeface that has a consistent and smooth look. Avoid using too much or too little variation in the typeset. This would result in an unappealing reading.

Next, the designers have to focus on colors that are not only unique but also of a great variety. Color selection is an important phase because it sets the mood or idea for the entire project. It has to be compatible with the company’s goals, values and objectives. In this phase, the designers need to deliver the best visual brand mark that can really be identified with ease.

When it comes to typography, the main objective is to provide clear and readable symbols in attractive designs. This is why some of the most sought after corporate logos are texts that are legible. For instance, a medical institution might use medical terms in their logo design such as “Pediatrician,” OB/GYN,” or “Fax.”

Finally, the last phase of logo design is to deliver readable, clear and legible text. This is why the texts have to be in a different size, in a different color and with a different typeface. Sometimes, the designers also use other fonts to give special effect to certain parts of the logo. For instance, the designer may use a script font when delivering messages such as sale and discounts. They may also use sans serif fonts for menus and interactive elements.

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