Decorative Metal Bollard Covers Enhance Security Bollards

September 10, 2021 0 Comments

Today, one of the major concerns for businesses, restaurants, retailers and hospitals is how motor vehicle traffic has increased and how unpredictable that traffic has become. Vehicles pose danger to almost any public and private building, as well as government locales, parks and even schools. Almost no building is safe from incurring damage due to accidental or deliberate vehicle infringement.

Security bollards have become pivotal in their role of protecting buildings against any type of motor vehicle intrusion, while at the same time allowing access to people. While security bollards definitely fulfill their purpose – providing access control, pathway delimitation and asset-protection – the vast majority of them are simple, concrete-filled steel columns that provide no added aesthetic value whatsoever, conveying an unattractive image and actually detracting from the architectural style of the buildings where they belong.

A piece of painted pipe does not truly blend into – much less enhance – most architectural schemes. However, this can be overcome by employing a decorative bollard cover. Many stand-alone bollards that do not have impact resistance of their own are designed with alternative mounting capability to slip over standard pipe sizes, forming an attractive and architecturally appropriate impact-resistance system. These decorative covers may also be available to enhance specially designed (but non-decorative) pipe-type bollards.

Bollard manufacturers today offer large collections of beautifully crafted security bollard covers that significantly, providing customers with the specific aesthetic improvements that their buildings/locales might require, without compromising the security bollards’ protective features. security bollards installation

Bollard covers are designed to fit over a large variety and selection of steel pipe bollards. As pipe bollards become larger and taller, the available selection of decorative bollards covers is reduced. However, manufacturers strive to make available substantial collections of security bollard covers in varying sizes, shapes, materials and colors to provide customers with the necessary aesthetic and architectural configurations that they require.

There is no reason why buildings and other venues should not only be securely protected, but they should be protected in an aesthetically pleasing way. Decorative bollard post covers are one way that building owners can enhance the visual appeal of their properties without diminishing security. When you need to dress up unattractive security pipe bollards with bollard sleeves, or if you want to add period or contemporary architectural bollard highlighting in areas that require plain steel pipe bollards, you will find a large variety of elegant metal bollard cover designs in clear, crisp and long-lasting detail.

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