Don’t Blow The Job Offer

September 5, 2021 0 Comments

After phone screens and three face to face interviews the job offer has been extended. All that remains is your acceptance of the offer and you are ready to enjoy the next chapters of your career. Some candidates will accept immediately and others may delay their acceptance for a variety of reasons.

5 Important Elements of a Job Offer (Besides Salary) – UConn Center for  Career Development

It is extremely important that you handle job offers properly or run the risk of having the offer withdrawn emprego viana do castelo. Many job seekers fear that salary negotiations are deal breakers; but if done correctly can be a win-win for both the prospective employee and the employer. Not being prepared for a job offer in today’s competitive job market is viewed as unacceptable.

1. Slow to respond to the job offer. During the interview process you show excitement and enthusiasm for the job. The employer calls you to extend the job offer to you and you are slow to respond. The employer views this slow response as a sign that you are not interested in the position. Not responding or slow to respond is not good on your part. Jobs are hard to come by during these economic times and your lack of responsiveness signals that you may not be the right candidate for this company. 24 hours to respond is acceptable.

2. Asking for too much time to think over the offer. It is expected that you will need time to consider a job offer. This time should be discussed with the prospective employer. In today’s job market a day or two would be acceptable. Understand that if you are not planning to accept the offer the employer would like to be able to move to their alternative candidate. Delaying for too long sends the message that you are not interested and now creates an atmosphere where the hiring manager’s enthusiasm for you has diminished.

3. Delaying your acceptance until you’ve heard from other prospective employers. If you ask for more time to think an offer over be sure to explain the reasoning. It is understandable that you will need to consult with your family etc. Stating that you have another job offer and want to compare the two jobs is a no-no.

Do your homework and make sure you have researched the company. As a professional you should know the job market for the position you are applying. This means that you should do your homework on compensation and the financial stability of the company. Being prepared going into the final phase of the interview makes the job offer a win-win for you and the employer.

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