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Exercise equipment is any physical device or appliance used during exercise to improve the physical performance or strength effects of that particular exercise by supplying either fixed or adjustable levels of resistance, to facilitate or improve the experience or result of an exercise session. In common use, we usually refer to this equipment as gym equipment. Some types of gym equipment are dumb bells, weighted bars, balance disks, medicine balls, elastic bands and recumbent bikes. The equipment can also be called fitness machines. Common devices include treadmills, elliptical trainers, step machines, exercise bikes, recumbent cycles and vertical free weights.

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Dumbbells: These are probably the most common types of gym equipment. Dumbbells are relatively large, solid exercises tool used to train the upper body and also provide a wide range of workout options for lower body and cardio-vascular fitness equipment. Dumbbells are mainly used for isolation (i.e. biceps curls) or multisensory (i.e. triceps extensions) exercises.

Exercise balls: Exercise balls (also known as stability balls) are round and soft, small and versatile kinh boi nu. They are mostly used for rehabilitation purposes and also to facilitate workouts. A fitness ball is largely used for exercises such as crunches, sit ups and leg presses. Exercise balls can also be used to carry out core training exercises such as floor crunches. Exercise balls are generally made from soft rubber or foam rubber.

Weight Training Bands: These equipments are used to develop muscle mass and are primarily used for body weight training and body building. Weight training bands are a must have for home gyms in India. It is a versatile gym equipment that helps in effective and safe weight lifting/body building exercises. In addition, weight training bands help to develop biceps, chest, calves and forearms.

Fitness Equipment: If you want to buy quality home gym equipment in India, you should check out the various brands such as Kettler, gym equipment and First World Equipment. They are the most reputed manufacturers of fitness equipment and have been in this business for many years. The fitness equipment has gained immense popularity among the people owing to its cost effectiveness. With the increasing awareness about fitness, the price has come down drastically. Moreover, Kettler and First World equipments are available at low prices since these companies source their products from the best manufacturing facilities and do not burn a hole in your pocket.

You need to keep one thing in mind when buying home gym equipment. You should check out the quality of the product before deciding on the purchase. Also, you should buy exercise equipment from a reputed company so that it lasts long and performs to the best of its ability. When you are doing a home fitness exercise, you should try to work on different muscles on a daily basis and do not allow your body to get fatigued. This will help to maintain the fitness level of your body throughout the year.

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