How Is SEO Related to Backlinks?

May 30, 2021 0 Comments

If you have been brushing up on SEO basics, you have definitely come across the term “backlinks” at least for a number of times. If you are still new to the world of search engine optimization, you are probably wondering what a backlink is, what its relationship with SEO, and why it is important.

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A lot of online marketers do not realize that backlinks are so important in the success of an online marketing campaign. Links are so important, they are now considered the main building blocks to a good search engine optimization strategy Oliver Wood.

To put it simply, back links are links that are directed towards your website – they are sometimes called inbound links (IBL’s). They are important because it implies how popular or how important a particular website is – the more of these your website has, the more popular it is.

They are very important to optimize a certain website because most of the search engines, especially Google, give more importance to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks. Search engines consider websites with a considerable amount of quality backlinks more relevant than others in their results pages.

Search engines calculate the relevance of a particular website by considering the number of quality inbound links that are directed to that site. That means that you should not settle for having inbound links to your site, but instead aim for the quality of the links that are directed to your site.

Search engines also consider the quality of the content that your site has in order to determine the quality of a link. This means that the inbound links coming from other sites should have a content related to your site in order for search engines to consider them relevant to your site – if the links directed to your site are found on pages with unrelated content, they will consider them irrelevant.

When it comes to inbound links, you should always keep in mind one thing – the higher the relevance of them, the greater the quality and the better the results for your website. So if you have website that talks about how to lose weight and you received a backlink from another website that talks about weight loss and exercise, then that would make it more relevant in search engine’s point of view than say a link from a site about bags.

Search engines have made sure that websites of all fields will have equal footing when it comes to playing the field, which means that webmasters should look for natural links that are built slowly over time. Although it is relatively easy to manipulate them on a web page in order to get a higher page rank, it is more difficult to influence them with external backlinks from other websites.

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