How to Promote Your Business With a Family Day

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There is no better way to introduce yourself to your community, when you take out a new tenancy of a public house or other local business, than to have a family day. Having a family day will encourage local people to experience the pub or restaurant as a focal point in their locality. This is particularly important if the previous owners allowed the business to run down, or if it is a new business.


When it comes to promotion, this is a really important point. Failing to properly time a promotion is probably one of the biggest errors made by inexperienced business people. The first task is to identify a busy time of year and plan to have your family day just at the beginning of the rise in business. The reason for this is that the objective is to gain a bigger market share, rather than extend, or attempt to change the purchasing habits of your clients, a task that is usually very difficult indeed. We start at the beginning of the season because we want people to become aware of your business and get into the habit of patronising it at the beginning – and throughout – the busy season! security bollards

Generally speaking it is better to promote a family day during term time rather than during school holidays, the reason for this will become clear as you read on.


The form of advertising used will depend largely on the type of business and the client base. We will assume here that we wish to promote a local pub or restaurant. However, most of the points will be equally valid for other businesses.

One of the most effective ways to advertise a family day for this kind of business is to simply design a flyer on Microsoft word or similar. It does not need to be complicated but apart from the obvious, the venue, the date etc the word “Free” should be emphasised. So, “See Marvo the Magician for Free at our Family Day” or something similar will go down well. You will need to print off a few hundred of these. To make the leaflet cheaper, do it on landscape, then cut the A4 sheet in half so that you get two leaflets on one page. The obvious items to include on the leaflet are the day, date and time the event will take place. Experience has taught me that using a leaflet in two colours significantly increases the response, I don’t know why, but if you can afford colour, go for it. Coloured paper for your printer is also an option worth considering.

Remember that with regards to the time it is better to advertise the start time about 15 or 20 minutes before it actually starts. The reason for this is not because it gives people more time to see your premises and order drinks, but because all the children will rarely be there until about 15 or 20 minutes after the advertised start time. The entertainer will find it a lot easier if additional adults and children are not turning up in the middle of the show, at least not in large numbers.

Time your show in the evening at about 6.30pm. This is early enough for the younger children who may be used to retiring early, yet late enough to ensure that both mum and dad are home from work and able to attend. By organising your event on a Friday or Saturday, you make it possible for the children – and hence parents – to stay up later, no school the following day!

Put one or two leaflets in your window, then go about town and ask small businesses such as shops, post offices, library, laudrymats, cinema and hairdressers(especially) if they will be willing to let you put one on display, use blue tac not sellotape as the residual gum is hard to remove from windows, although if you must use sellotape, nail varnish will remove the sticky stuff. Don’t forget to leave a few leaflets whenever possible as well. Most small businesses will agree to do this, concentrate on those who already have some other adverts displayed. Try and place them at the average lady’s eye level whenever possible.

Next, take a few plastic see-through pockets, the ones they use in loose-leaf files, put your adverts in them with the closed end of the pocket on top. Fold and sellotape such that it becomes a waterproof holder with the open end on the bottom

Purchase a sheet of MDF from your local builders merchant, the cheapest grade. Cut a few pieces MDF slightly wider than the pockets and about two inches longer, top to bottom. Purchase a box of suitably sized screws, with washers and a drill bit. Drill holes in the middle of the MDF, about half an inch from the top and bottom. After this, another hole each side of the holes already made. The centre holes will be used for screwing to wooden fixtures, the outer ones for tying to non-wooden fixtures.

The pocketed leaflets will need to be attached to the MDF, this is done with drawing pins, but they will need to be lightly tapped in with a hammer. Remember to make sure that the open ends are down to prevent rain from entering.

These boards can be screwed quickly to various wooden fixtures using a cheap power screwdriver, or tied to various items such as telegraph poles, lamp posts, drainpipes etc within your vicinity. Always use washers on the screws, it prevents the screw head from digging into the MDF and will make removal easier. If you are using a power driver then always use posi-drive screws and a posidrive head of the correct size on the screwdriver.

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