India Tours – Cultural and Heritage

February 20, 2021 0 Comments

India is a country of diversity. It can be seen and felt in its history, culture, people, cuisine & the list is nending. The land is the home to the snow covered & majestic Himalayan Mountains in the north to the tropical south and from sunny beaches of the west to the delectable cuisine of the east. Indian heritage tours are the best way to showcase India to the world and recently were voted as one of the world’s best tourist destination by World Travel Awards. Exploring the country in one life time seems impossible but our travel company can at least help you to partially fulfill your dreams.

Touring India is mind-numbingly beautiful experience and something that will stay with you forever. The charm, richness of Indian culture, diversity of people is what brings most tourists to this land of billions. During your India cultural tours, visit grand monuments, beautiful temples and shrines, tombs and huge mosques, and its only here that you will find the thousand year old civilization being recreated in front of your eyes. Indian heritage tours will also showcase the architectural wonders of ancient India and its cultural magnificence and the imaginative acuity of its emperors and kings SAT Coaching in Dehradun.

Don’t forget to check out the medieval monuments like Red Fort, Jama Masjid and Qutab Minar in Delhi, Taj Mahal in Agra or a visit to Varanasi, the most sacred pilgrimage place for Hindus. Some of the more fascinating tourist hot spot would include a visit to erotic temples at Khujraho and the Stupa at Sanchi. The list of places in North India is endless. Moving on and extending India cultural tours to the southern parts of India, get the colonial taste in Goa, temples of the Vijayanagar Empire at Hampi, ancient rock temples & fort of Tipu sultan. There are just innumerable places that one could visit & mentioning all of them are beyond the scope of this article but I hope you were able to get the drift.

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