It’s Magical! But Who Is The Magician?

June 23, 2021 0 Comments

Life is magical. Literally! Real human tragedy starts when we lose sight, sound, taste, feel and smell of that life-giving truth. In the magic flows a stream of lightness and laughter; in the magic is a sense of belonging and believing; in the magic we create our playful miracles.

It doesn’t matter which way you turn, you are bombarded by magic; it doesn’t matter how logically, scientifically or rationally you analyse it, you will still reach the point where magic takes over; it doesn’t matter how large or small your target, if you focus for long enough you will dissolve into magic.

Whether you head out for the stars to dance with supernovae and black-holes or head in to the ‘quarking’ world of protons, neutrons and electrons, your gob should be smacked often enough for a reverential silence to fall.

To view an atom with the naked eye in a drop of water, the drop would need to be 24 kilometres across.
To reach our nearest neighbour in the solar system- Proxima Centauri- you would need to fly for 24,000 years in a spaceship.

The world around us deals fluently with numbers so small and so large that they consist almost entirely of zeroes. This can feel empty and alienating but we must never forget that even zeroes are laced together with a beguiling intelligence. An intelligence that communicates. An intelligence that listens and responds.

There is a danger in being too familiar with the magic and numbed by it…finding it quite ordinary that you can play cards with people from Guatemala, Mongolia and Uzbekistan while sitting px7 primal flow reviews in a cafĂ© in Amsterdam.

There is equally a danger in being too wowed by the magic and numbed by it…finding your imagination over-populated and bewildered by the zeroes. But there is a delicious in-between space where the magic sizzles around you, cradling you in a sense of wonder.

Disease stems from a dislocation with the magic. All the time you remain alert to the ‘wonder-full’ that unfolds and unravels unstoppably around you, a sense of joyful belonging will heal you. Demonstrations of magic are available without pause, but they rarely impose themselves on you. You have to take time out to notice. If you get seriously dislocated, you will need a prescription.

Try a tincture of the following magic to be taken three times a day with a satisfied sigh:
One fern frond unfurling,
several butterflies flying through falling leaves beneath an avenue of trees,
two ravens tumbling in a cliff breeze,
the smell of earth after a downpour,
one loud duck landing in water,
dozens of spider-webs encrusted with dew-drops,
the sound of 20,000 starling wings,
a horse rolling over and farting happily,
repeated waves thumping into a cliff, sending spray-rainbows cascading down the beach…

The list of cures is, and always will be, endless. If nothing on planet earth thrills you and fills you with gratitude, you should certainly question why you came and whether or not you want to stay. Magic just oozes from every pore.

You only have to look at the staggeringly perfect mechanism of your body with all its balancing systems of digestion, absorption, excretion, ventilation, reproduction, locomotion, investigation, interpretation and motivation to realise that you are not dealing with some cheap card trick here. That you ever get up at all is a throbbing miracle, let alone get up and interact like you know what you are doing. Every second your body is plugged into a mighty energetic force-field and requires nothing but your appreciative co-operation to replenish and revive. Yet how much of your time is spent wailing and gnashing about the few little blemishes.

That you are here is stunning; that you are here with millions of other weird and wonderful co-creators is staggering; that you are here because you helped create it and can actively and daily re-create it, should make you sweat and pimple and shudder with astonishment and excitement.

And here is the nub…that beguiling intelligence that interlaces all those zeroes and joins up the spaces in between…is interactive. You are not only significantly influential in the co-creation of this masterpiece, you are the absolute and only commander of which bits of the magic dance around you. You speak the abracadabra and the cave of treasure opens eagerly before you.

I chose the word magic, deliberately and precisely. We love to be entertained and there is no show to match the one called Planet Earth. Furthermore, there are no tricks and nothing at all hidden up the sleeves, just…

a deciduous woodland flushing slowly from yellow through orange to red;
a musician sitting alone on a beach composing on his lap-top with a full orchestra;
wildebeest thundering towards the river-crossing where fat cats and long crocs lie in wait;
a few million butterflies making a rainbow cloud as they migrate;
lobsters linking up in a chain kilometres long to march pointlessly across the sea-bed, ending up where they started;
a lover texting a lover 4000 miles away;

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