Moving Boxes – A Big Part of Every Move

January 8, 2021 0 Comments

So you must be looking to move a house or office, or you’re a professional moving company. I’m right, aren’t I? Looking for moving boxes is an easy task, there’s not really much price difference วิจารณ์มวย in the boxes, as they are all the same. However there are different prices for different quality boxes. For example, a corrugated box is much stronger than a normal box, and can carry more weight.

Moving Kits or Not

A big dilemma with a lot of people when moving is whether to buy a house moving kit, or to buy the boxes separately. When buying the boxes separately you usually save more money, but you have to be careful in not missing out vital boxes for the move. For example, you have to be able to know how many boxes to pick when buying, so you don’t have too many or too little boxes, but then again this could happen when using a box kit. I would advise looking around your house and working out what would go in that box and what sized box it would need, make a list and then buy them separately.

The Need for Specialty Boxes

If you do like to keep things perfectly aligned, you need to buy specialist boxes. These include ones like the wardrobe box, where you can hang your expensive shirts and they will not get creased. It is literally a big corrugated cardboard wardrobe with a rail similar to the one that your bedroom closet has. Then there is the golf box, a long skinny box made for holding golf clubs. If you do have a lot of belongings or one big item needing one box, then there are extra large boxes for sale; they are 23 by 23 by 16 inches. The smaller boxes are approximately 14 by 12 by 10 inches, so the extra large boxes are much, much bigger.

Price Wise

To purchase these boxes, you can be looking for about $1 to $2 for a small box, and $3 to $5 for a large or extra large box, with around $2 to $3 for a medium box.

Interested in buying moving boxes firstly think about what you need to pack. Once you know this you can estimate how many boxes you need. And the more you buy at the same time, the less you will pay per box (wholesale). Another thing to point out is that although the smaller boxes are less expensive than the larger boxes. The larger boxes have almost 5 times more volume space than the smaller ones, and are less than double the price. (Keep in mind not to load these big boxes with heavy items, your just asking for it)

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