The Silk Road Economic Belt and Its Benefits to Pakistan and India

February 20, 2021 0 Comments

Silk Road economic belt

The Silk Road Economic Belt, also known as the Shanghai Cooperation initiative, is actually a vast economic zone consisting of eleven countries. It was created in 2021 with the economic interests of all countries involved in mind. It aims to create stronger economic ties between all of the members of the belt, and is a means to promote global trade. Among all the countries that have signed up so far are China, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Georgia, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan. This means that all of these countries have at least a trade relationship with each other.

However, many wonder what exactly makes this Silk Road so special. For one thing, it is a huge transportation route. Besides this, it covers a huge distance – from the Caspian Sea to the Pakistani Himalayas. And all of these countries that have signed up are hoping to tap into the massive markets of China and India.

Of course, it is not only about trade. Besides individuals, these countries are also closely allied with each other in fields such as finance, technology, education, culture, and so on. They hope to increase their levels of cooperation and trade. It is due to this that all these countries are working hard to promote the Belt, making sure that it benefits them in the future. There are even studies that show that the Silk Road could soon rival the European Union as the largest trading zone in the world.

Besides, the countries of this zone have a lot in common. Their economies are based on heavy industry, heavy government regulation, and resource-intensive agriculture. They also both face problems related to over-farming, over-regulation, and resource depletion. In fact, there have been concerns that certain countries could soon find themselves on the brink of economic collapse.

One reason why all these nations have signed up is to make sure that they will not be left behind by other big players in the trade. China is the world’s largest producer of goods, and accounts for a great portion of the global economy. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are also rapidly growing. These three countries along with others in the region have an overall population of over a hundred million people. If they want to join the Belt, they will have to work their way towards becoming strong economically.

However, the biggest advantage they have is that they can negotiate their own terms in trade. This gives them a lot more say on what happens to the market. The three countries bordering the Belt trade have successfully balanced trade. In fact, Pakistan and India recently reached a landmark agreement with each other regarding their textile industry.

In addition to that, they are also promoting stronger security measures for trade. This is a move that will help them maintain a bit of economic leverage over their neighbors while they play their part in promoting peace. For example, both China and India have tried to use trade to strengthen their military presence in disputed areas. Both countries have also been accused of causing environmental damage and hurting the ecosystems.

These are just two of the benefits that come from being part of the Silk Road Economic Belt. If you are interested in learning more about it, there is plenty of information available online. You can also read up on the past history of the economic and political geography of the area.

The current situation in Pakistan looks promising. They are getting support from the United States and other regional countries. For example, the UAE is offering financial and technical assistance to improve trade relations. That means that businessmen in the region will be able to benefit from greater competition. They will no longer have to compete with cheap labor and weak infrastructure.

On top of that, they can gain access to a huge market. A strong economy means that the demand for goods increases, giving them an edge when it comes to securing contracts. This also means better supplies, which leads to more exports. Ultimately, this will lead to more income and a higher standard of living.

What’s more, the political environment is conducive. Political stability is something that is encouraging people from different countries to invest in the region. That means that the economy will grow not only for locals but for foreign investors as well. The economy will thus become stronger over time.

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