Thread Lifts – Your Lunchtime Facelift Solution?

August 22, 2021 0 Comments

The thread lift, also known as the feather lift, gentle lift, or lunchtime facelift, is a newer option available for those wanting minimally invasive facelifts. As this procedure does not remove excess skin UK Lunchtime results, it is ideal for those forty five and under or those with minimal skin sagging with no severe loss of elasticity and no turkey neck. Candidates for this procedure should also not be afraid of needles. Thread lifts place permanent sutures beneath the skin without giving the patient widespread scars around their ears .

During the thread lift, the plastic surgeon will use barbed FDA-approved APTOS thread (or any other similar brand) to create a supportive net under the skin that will lift sagging and hold the skin in place. APTOS thread is the creation of a Russian plastic surgeon that’s composed of a single fiber of plastic polypropylene that’s non-dissolving or absorbable. The acronym of APTOS is broken down into two parts: A for anti and PTOS for ptosis, the medical jargon for “sagging”. Therefore, this APTOS thread is literally anti-sagging thread.

The lift’s overall effect will pull the face upward, especially around the patient’s jowls, neck and cheeks. As the months go by post-procedure, new collagen grows around the sewn-in APTOS threads, making the skin tighter over the next few months and improving results further.

The cost of a feather lift is relatively inexpensive in relation to a cosmetic facelift. You can expect the thread lift to cost from $350 to over $500 per thread used in the procedure. Although this method isn’t as invasive as a standard surgical cosmetic facelift procedure, the APTOS threads are sewn deeply under the skin, making it invisible on the skin’s surface. Furthermore, the thread lift can be performed in under an hour while you’re under local anesthesia.

Thread lifts, while quicker than regular cosmetic facelifts, aren’t risk free. Like standard surgical face lift procedures, patients will experience bleeding, swelling, infection and bruising. There’s potential that the threads will poke out of the skin or can be seen and/or felt underneath the skin. Asymmetry of results or breakage of the thread can also occur. These actions will require corrective procedures, as they won’t dissolve, but will stay in place forever unless properly adjusted.

Our research on feather lifts has shown that most patients are not expressly happy about having this procedure done. For the most part, it seems that for about 50-75% less than most standard cosmetic surgery procedures, you endure almost just as much pain and recovery and your results do not last as long as they should for the investment. For best results, make your decision after lots of reflection and personal research to see if the thread lift is for you.

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