Tips For Successful Mattress Cleaning

June 2, 2021 0 Comments

Mattress cleaning is no longer that tedious, complicated and expensive chore it used to be. In fact it can be fun, as long as you do it right the first time. If you are trying to do a thorough cleaning then you are going to need hot water, a good quality mattress cleaner and dish soap. Of course you also need to be armed with a toothbrush and some warm water, as this will help remove any dirt or stains from the mattress. The stain removal products that are sold in stores these days are mostly useless, so I will tell you how to clean them.

Mattress Cleaning – EDCS

When doing mattress cleaning you will need to first start by vacuuming all of the loose dirt or stains from your mattresses. After you have finished this you will need to use the dish soap and brush some of it into the corners and crevices that are not well cleaned. You may need to repeat the process with the vacuum cleaner, it really depends on how much is left. It is very important to remove all traces of the cleaner from your mattresses.

Next you will need to wash the foam that has pooled on top of the mattress cover. The best way to wash foam is to place some hot water in a spray bottle, add a little bit of foam and shake it until it is mixed. Then you just dampen a clean cloth with some warm water and spread it over the entire surface area of the mattress. You should then get a wet vac to remove all of the excess water from the mattress cover почистване на матрак.

Stains on your mattress can come from food, drinks, mold and mildew. Some common stains are from food, but you may find that some are from mold. If mold stains are present, they should be removed by using a mold inhibitor. If food stains remain, you may need to repeat this step with a new mattress cover and a new foam.

If you do not remove all traces of the stain or odor from your mattress you may end up with an unpleasant odor. In this case it is recommended that you use a non-scented dish soap to get rid of the odor. Follow this up with a high temperature steam cleaning with a commercial steamer. This should get rid of any remaining odors or stains. If you do not have a commercial steamer you can use a regular household laundry detergent for this purpose.

Another option to removing stains or odors is to spray the entire surface with a commercial grade hydrogen peroxide. Before you spray the mattress with any of these chemical sprays you will want to thoroughly dry it out. Make sure to allow at least 48 hours between spraying the hydrogen peroxide and allowing it to dry out completely.

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