Topical CBD Creams May Reduce Diabetes Symptoms

February 12, 2021 0 Comments

While medicinal marijuana remains unavailable in many jurisdictions, the advent of CBD has provided many individuals with a legal means to seek medical relief from a condition that may have otherwise been impossible to deal with. Unscrupulous salesmen and marketing companies have attempted to make CBD a commodity in much the same way as other pharmaceuticals, by labeling it a “miracle cure” or “cure-all.” While CBD products can certainly legitimate claim to possess medical benefit, the most important distinction between CBD products and other pharmaceuticals is the source of their CBD. While CBD products are derived from plants grown with high CBD levels, pharmaceuticals derive their CBD from plants grown with low CBD levels. In this article, we’ll take a close look at the differences between CBD and other pharmaceuticals, as well as the reasons why obtaining CBD over the counter may be easier than obtaining pharmaceuticals.

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In general, when speaking with healthcare professionals or representatives of the FDA, you should not receive information regarding clinical trials on any new product. Many pharmaceutical companies invest thousands of dollars in research and development, and to date, there have been no clinical trials conducted on CBD. Additionally, if a company does conduct a study and they find success rates greater than 30%, they do not share that information with the general public. There are currently no FDA-approved CBD topicals currently available. However, there are some topicals currently undergoing clinical trials CBD Cream.

CBD skin cream, CBD ointment, CBD lotion, or CBD topical serum may provide relief for those suffering from arthritis and other joint conditions. But, because there is still no definitive research demonstrating the effectiveness of CBD for arthritis, we cannot rightfully claim that CBD is an effective treatment for this condition. But, anecdotal evidence supports the notion that CBD may provide relief from pain due to arthritis, as well as improving mobility and increasing muscle function. Additionally, a CBD topical serum may provide anti-inflammatory benefits, reducing swelling and redness associated with sprains, bruises, and joint injuries.

Besides reducing pain, CBD topical cream may help to improve skin tone. This may help to eliminate acne and prevent breakouts, as well as promote healthy looking, radiant skin. There are two common contaminants found in tap water, chlorine and THMs (trihalomethanes), which have been shown to be carcinogens. Both of these are known cancer risk factors. Studies indicate that people with a history of either cancer have been found to have lower levels of THMs in their urine than people without such histories.

Research has also indicated that there may be positive health benefits associated with CBD oil consumption. The seed and stem of the cannabis plant contain powerful antioxidant nutrients that may help to prevent oxidative stress and the aging process, reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. A CBD lotion or cream may be applied topically to the skin to help prevent sun damage and hydration loss, as well as sunburn and other types of damage. Some users reported having success in reducing or eliminating their desire for tobacco, relieving some symptoms of depression, and improving sleep. Many people who have tried anecdotal reports and CBD reviews have reported improvements in mood, energy, and overall well-being when using a CBD lotion.

As with other compounds, there are likely to be negative side effects with CBD products, just as with other natural compounds. For this reason, it is important to consult a licensed medical professional before deciding to use CBD as a dietary supplement or in any form. Further research should be conducted to assess the safety and effectiveness of CBD products. Only a licensed, trained medical professional should administer any medication – even topicals including CBD lotions and creams. For more information on CBD products, see the FDA website on CBD.

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