What Can a Folding Dog Crate Offer Your Pet?

September 1, 2021 0 Comments

When you get a new puppy, potty training is one of the first lessons you want your dog to learn. A dog crate has become one of the most popular tools to use in connection with this task. Not only are they good for training, but they keep your pet out of trouble when you are away. Once, when I was younger, we left our puppy at home alone for a half day. We learned a lesson. He was definitely in his adolescent years. He had taken the toilet paper from the bathroom and ran from one room to another with it in his mouth.

The most simple solution to my above problem would have been a crate. If you have read any of my articles or blog posts, you probably know that I have a few out there related to this. Let’s look at the benefits that a folding crate can offer you and your pet. The real benefits of the folding design are to you, the pet parent. If you need extra room, or like to take it with you, then a folding design is a good idea. A couple of different styles of crates that do come in a folding style are wire dog crates, and soft dog crates. I have not heard of any plastic folding crates, but it is a definite possibility. If they don’t exist yet, they probably will soon. Plastic crates do have other advantages that wire and soft models do not, such as being airline approved Driveway bollards.

Folding dog crates are designed to easily fold down or put up. Storage is easy. When flat, they fit under the bed, in the closet, and almost anywhere. Packing them in the car for use at your destination is easy too. The soft models are especially handy for trips to the park, camping, beach activities, visits with friends, etc. Soft crates are not designed for the dog that is still chewing up everything in sight, nor or they designed for the pets that panic when enclosed and tear at the floor and sides with their paws. Training your pet in a wire or plastic crate is essential before graduating to a soft one

To clarify traveling in the car, I recommend your pet be inside a plastic crate for the actual car ride. Don’t ever put your dog in the back of the truck unless in a crate that’ secured! Once you arrive at your destination, a folding crate is a great choice, especially if you have to pack things in over a short or long distance. The folding wire dog crate is my favorite option for a home inside your home. It provides plenty of ventilation and a secure home for your pet. On the market are many fancy crate covers, furniture tables, and bumper sets that add to its eye appeal.

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